Things I Got Right in 2012

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This probably sounds like a pat-my-own-back post, but it’s not all that impressive. I don’t make predictions or point out things that are hard to see. Risky predictions are not my business – I only make bets that I know I can win.

Plus, was only around for a month in 2012. I didn’t have much time to get things wrong. I try to get most things right for the sake of credibility, but there are two posts in particular that stand out for their eerie timing.

The Obama Gun Control Myth

The first example of me getting it right was my December 6th post about Obama being pro-gun control. This wasn’t a tough one to get right (all the evidence was right there), but the timing was worth noting. Just eight days after that post, the Sandy Hook massacre occurred and the gun-grabbers immediately began their latest anti-gun crusade.

I really hate talking about the Sandy Hook tragedy in a political light, but that horse is already out of the barn. Within days, we saw Obama’s ilk pounce on the tragedy to push additional gun control measures. Just yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden revealed Obama’s intent to use executive orders to unilaterally (and unconstitutionally) implement new gun restrictions.

If you can remember back to before that mass shooting, liberals were swearing up and down that Obama didn’t have gun control in his sights. After an entire term without any gun control proposals from Obama, liberals said right-wing gun nuts were paranoid to think The Messiah would ever do anything to restrict the 2nd Amendment.

Now, their tune has changed completely. Liberals are counting on Obama to do something, anything, about guns. We’ve heard from city mayors, state governors, senators, journalists and the White House itself. Gun control is back on the table. Now we know the truth: gun control was never off the table.

Liberals and their “Conversations”

On December 8th, I wrote a little piece about what liberals mean by having a conversation. The basic gist of that post was to point out how liberals use the word “conversation” when they really mean “listen to us.”

That post was inspired by Bob Costas’ random gun control rant during an NFL halftime show. He said that it was time to have a “serious discussion” about gun violence. I just had to write a post about what liberals really mean when they tell us it’s time to talk.

Later that month, Pulitzer Prize finalist Donald Kaul showed us exactly what a “conversation” is all about in a column he wrote that advocated dragging political opponents behind pickup trucks until they “saw the light” on gun control.

It’s only gotten worse since then. Liberals all over the place are telling us how it’s time to have a “discussion” or a “conversation” about gun control. All the while, they have gotten increasingly rabid in their demands to have things their way. Perfect example: the only legitimate conversation is one where I set the ground rules.

I wasn’t the only person to notice this, by the way. Around the same time I published my blog post about liberal conversations, other bloggers were noting the same thing. It was hard not to notice.

Again, this probably sounds like an arrogant, told-you-so type of post. Sorry if it sounds that way. These “predictions” weren’t even really predictions as much as they were pointing out the obvious.

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