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The Media is Willfully Ignorant

The motivation for this post came to me after reading this post by Ace. I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, but Ace beat me to it. I’d like to continue with my own take on the subject here.

I’m sure that most of you have heard of the Chicago Tribune gun error by now. If not, the short of the story is that the Chicago Tribune printed a technical drawing of an AR-15 in an attempt to explain the legal definition of “assault weapon.” Most noteworthy was them mistaking a sling attachment for a grenade launcher mount. Continue reading

Best Joe Biden Quotes Ever

Joe Biden is a master of colorful quotes. Whatever the left may say about Sarah Palin, you can take that and multiply it by a hundred and you’ll be accurate in regards to Ole Joe.

There’s a YouTube video floating around right now that highlights some of Joe’s best quotes:

The sad thing is that the above quotes make more sense than some of the things Joe actually does say.

If We Outlaw Guns, We Should Outlaw Boxing Too

Today, I’d like to talk about making this country a safer place. We are a violent people. We as Americans, we think it’s OK to hit people. We think it’s OK to invade a ring with an opponent who has done nothing to us. But we just go in and we just punch.

I am a member of the Boxing Victims Against Boxing Violence Organization of America and lately I have received e-mail after e-mail of news stories about people who have been hurt and killed by fists. We have a boxing problem in this country. Continue reading

First Prediction of 2013

Image source: bark

Predictions on the internet are a scary thing because they tend to come back and haunt you. For that reason, I am careful about making predictions. It seems like life has a funny way of finding new ways to surprise you. Black Swans and all, you know.

I like to keep my predictions somewhat obvious so that I don’t have to look back on shame at my old blog posts. That might make my predictions a little more boring than they could be, but at least I’ll retain some credibility.

This prediction is pretty safe, so here it is: Continue reading

Things I Got Right in 2012

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This probably sounds like a pat-my-own-back post, but it’s not all that impressive. I don’t make predictions or point out things that are hard to see. Risky predictions are not my business – I only make bets that I know I can win.

Plus, was only around for a month in 2012. I didn’t have much time to get things wrong. I try to get most things right for the sake of credibility, but there are two posts in particular that stand out for their eerie timing. Continue reading

Marc Parrish Debunked on Big Data Crime Prevention

The Atlantic published a piece by Marc Parrish titled “How Big Data Can Solve America’s Gun Problem.” I’ve never heard of Marc Parrish and this appears to be the only article he has ever written for The Atlantic. If he’s new to journalism and debate, maybe he can be excused for proposing such a silly idea. Maybe.

Either way, I’m here today to debunk the Marc Parrish “big data” gun control idea that he posited here. I have a problem with everything in this article, starting with the title and basically every sentence to the very end. Even just a cursory examination of his idea should make it obvious that it is a seriously flawed idea. Continue reading

The Best Gun Control Article On the Internet

gun controlThere are many great gun control articles on the internet, so it’s quite an honor to be considered the best, even if it is just on some no-name politics blog like this one.

But I don’t think I’m the only person who feels this way, because this one article has been reposted, linked to and commented on thousands of times since being published barely a week ago.

In just 8 days, the article has already collected more than 1800 comments.

It was originally written by Larry Correia and posted on his blog. The article is ridiculously long but it’s a great read. It addresses every single argument FOR gun control and then debunks that argument using facts, logic, history, law and common sense. This is one of those articles that you should print a copy of and store inside a lock box. Continue reading

Obama Debunked Himself on the Debt Limit Too

Barack Obama gave a strongly-worded speech in 2006 in which he denounced increasing the national debt limit.

In his own words then:

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies…” Continue reading