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Best Joe Biden Quotes Ever

Joe Biden is a master of colorful quotes. Whatever the left may say about Sarah Palin, you can take that and multiply it by a hundred and you’ll be accurate in regards to Ole Joe.

There’s a YouTube video floating around right now that highlights some of Joe’s best quotes:

The sad thing is that the above quotes make more sense than some of the things Joe actually does say.

What Liberals Mean by “Having a Conversation”

Liberals often like to say that it’s time to “have a conversation” or a “serious discussion” about certain controversial issues. What liberals really mean with these kinds of phrases is that it’s time to pass a new law, enact a tax or ban something.

According to liberals, it’s always time to have a serious conversation about something. But when you actually indulge them in said conversation, you find out they don’t actually want to converse. They want you to listen to them and nod your head. Continue reading