If We Outlaw Guns, We Should Outlaw Boxing Too

Today, I’d like to talk about making this country a safer place. We are a violent people. We as Americans, we think it’s OK to hit people. We think it’s OK to invade a ring with an opponent who has done nothing to us. But we just go in and we just punch.

I am a member of the Boxing Victims Against Boxing Violence Organization of America and lately I have received e-mail after e-mail of news stories about people who have been hurt and killed by fists. We have a boxing problem in this country.

Let me make the following points:

1. There is no point to boxing other than to injure other people

Boxing serves no useful purpose other than to cause maximum destruction to other people. These are human beings we’re talking about here. Boxing is designed with one specific goal in mind: to hurt, injure, knock out and kill people.

Sure, you can talk about boxing competitions and whatnot, but we all know that the real point of boxing is to punch people in the face. Is such a pointlessly violent activity really necessary in this day and age?

2. Boxers are paranoid

I see some people talk about taking up boxing as a form of self-defense. These people claim that they are tired of being pushovers. They want to learn how to stand up to these so-called muggers who are all over the place.

Listen, I’ve never taken up boxing and I’ve made it this far without being robbed or beaten. You guys don’t need boxing. You boxers are just a bunch of paranoid right-wing lug nuts.

Have you seen hand-on-face violence statistics in this country? We have people going around punching each other in the face like it’s nothing! I know this little fact may be unfortunate considering it debunks my “paranoid” argument above, but that doesn’t matter because SHUT UP!

Something must be done.

3. 12 round fights are completely unnecessary

Look, I don’t want to completely eliminate boxing. I just want to have a sensible conversation here. Is it really necessary to step into the ring with a 12 round clip match in mind? Let’s have a discussion about limiting the number of rounds available to boxers and placing new taxes on destructive boxing devices such as 8 ounce gloves.

Two or three rounds should be enough to determine who is the best boxer. I have nothing against setting up a punching bag at home and hitting it with 36 ounce protective gloves. I just don’t think it’s necessary to punch a real human in the face for 12 rounds.

Did you know that in some sanctioned boxing matches, people will hit each other more than 100 times? That’s just overkill and completely unnecessary.

4. Let’s Have A Discussion About Boxing Violence

It’s time we have a legitimate discussion about boxing. And by “legitimate discussion” I mean you need to forget about even trying to convince me of the use of high capacity boxing rounds, 8 ounce gloves or sanctioned injury fights. Let’s have a discussion in which you sit down and listen to what I have to say.

Think of the children. If you don’t want to have a legitimate discussion about boxing violence, you have the blood of children on your hands.

5 thoughts on “If We Outlaw Guns, We Should Outlaw Boxing Too

  1. Fat

    I can’t speak with 100% experience, but from what I’m reading, it seems that I have more experience than you at least, and here’s a few things you’ve got wrong.

    1. The point of boxing is not to injure people. The idea is to last longer than your opponent, to throw in punches to weaken the muscles so the person goes down and stays down. If boxing was simply to smack people senseless, as you seem to make it out to be, then why train? Why practice bob and weaves with hand weights, jump rope to maintain a steady rhythm. Why are rabbit punches illegal? A blow to the spinal cord will definitely keep him down!

    2. Most people I know don’t take up boxing for self defense, but to stay fit. I don’t know who actually take boxing for self defense, when Brazillian Jiujitsu is available, and tons more effective in a real fight.

    3. The 12 round fights are not so people can continuously dish out punishment to each other, but rather to see who can actually last the bout for 12 rounds.

    While I remain neutral about gun control, since I don’t really care, I still have to say that boxing is not a legitimate analogy.

    1. Fat

      Guns on the other hand is a different thing. The capability of causing death with a gun is significantly higher, even if safety precautions are in place.

  2. Satyen

    You are one of the most ignorant people I have come across. Do you realize that every sport has a risk of injury? Why not outlaw football and ice hockey? Plus boxers don’t fight each other out of anger. Watch some Miguel Cotto fights, he always hugs his opponent at the end of the fight. Do you realize what the consequences will be if we outlaw boxing? It will just go underground and emerge to be 10 times more dangerous than boxing now. Also the health benefits of boxing heavily outweigh the risks of it. It is not a “violent” sport. I have been boxing for the past 2 years and I’m a huge boxing fan.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Satyen,

      So what you’re saying is that boxing is a legitimate sport just like every other sport, correct? That boxing is a popular pastime partaken by people who assume the risks involved and are able to differentiate between a competitive match and random violence. And finally, that if we outlawed boxing, it would just be pushed underground.

      Well, that all makes perfect sense to me. What looks like brutal violence to the casual uninformed viewer is actually a technical, highly refined athletic performance that requires skill, dedication and some degree of intelligence.

      I guess it’s stupid when uninformed people react emotionally and wish to ban things they don’t understand. If we’re going to ban guns because they are “unnecessary” and “violent,” we should also ban boxing for those same reasons.


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