First Prediction of 2013

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Predictions on the internet are a scary thing because they tend to come back and haunt you. For that reason, I am careful about making predictions. It seems like life has a funny way of finding new ways to surprise you. Black Swans and all, you know.

I like to keep my predictions somewhat obvious so that I don’t have to look back on shame at my old blog posts. That might make my predictions a little more boring than they could be, but at least I’ll retain some credibility.

This prediction is pretty safe, so here it is:

The mainstream media will relentlessly cover every shooting in a way that fits the gun control agenda. Every shooting that takes place in a school, coffee shop, theater or is carried out by a white male will be deemed worthy of “breaking news alert” status.

The goal of this coverage will be to make it seem like we have some kind of emerging shooting epidemic. Even though we won’t see an uptick in random shootings, mass shootings or violence, it will seem like we are suddenly seeing shootings everywhere!

Meanwhile, Chicago’s inner city violence will receive little attention.

Politicians, journalists and pundits will screech about the need to do something about our “gun problem.” We will be brow-beaten over and over and over with alarming news stories and commentary until we get new gun control legislation. It’s going to happen.

Again – nothing will actually change in the real world. Shootings will continue on as they always have, but the media coverage will pound it into our heads that Something Bad is happening, and something needs to be done.

We’ll also be told that we don’t “need” certain types of weapons. They will tell us that we can hunt just fine with bolt action rifles. They will continue with the same old talking points about 30 round magazines.

Liberals will attach labels to 2nd Amendment advocates. They’ll call us extremists. More columnists will say that we are being unreasonable. A few columnists who are either trying to make a name or recharge a dying career will shock us with their calls to violence, publication of private information or associating us with terrorists.

Someone big will betray us. I don’t know who it will be, but someone we thought we could count on will come down on the side of gun control. This might come in the form of a public statement, court ruling or vote, but someone will surprise us in a bad way.

Is this a doom and gloom post? Nah, not really. We’ve dealt with these people since the beginning. They have always been around and always will be. I’m not here to spread doom and gloom. I think we actually have a strong majority of the American people on our side. However, we need to acknowledge the threats to our Constitutional rights and prepare accordingly.

So get to it, boys. Let your voices be heard. Even if it’s just a comment at work, every little thing you do can make a difference.

PS – I just ordered this:

Molon Labe

It’s just archaic enough to be discreet, but just recognizable enough to be noticed by those on our side. The Greek is probably unintelligible to most, but the snake should be a big clue. I’m really hoping that the next time I wear this out to the bar, at least one person sees the shirt and gives me a knowing smile or head nod.

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